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Linden Street Elementary School Courtyard Vision

By Karin | April 27, 2021

As part of our office’s Community Outreach efforts, Jennifer Shea from our team has been collaborating with the Plainville Community Schools district by creating a connection with them and being a professional guide to some of their students. Previously, Jennifer had given their high school students a presentation on the architecture career path during their…

Need Excellent Thermal Performance? Try These Wall Assemblies

By Karin | April 26, 2021

Thermal performance—the degree of energy transfer between a building and its surroundings—is an important consideration for every construction or renovation project. Not surprisingly, exterior wall assemblies play a major role in achieving the desired performance. At Patriquin Architects, we’re continually exploring new wall options to meet specific project conditions. Whether or not a client is…

King’s Block Passive House Retrofit: What’s the Latest?

By Karin | April 19, 2021

Established in Europe more than 40 years ago, Passive House is a standard used in designing new buildings—or retrofitting existing ones—to be highly energy efficient. The standard requires that buildings be fully insulated and airtight, have high-performance windows, manage solar gain effectively, and utilize balanced recovery systems for heat and moisture, as well as a…

What Is Construction Sequencing and Why Is It Important?

By Karin | March 29, 2021

Not surprisingly, construction and renovation projects are easiest to complete when a structure is unoccupied. However, in some cases, it is desirable or even necessary to maintain partial occupancy throughout a project. In those instances, careful sequencing of construction activities, open lines of communication, and effective collaboration are essential. Construction Sequencing and Multifamily Properties Sequencing…

How Does Post-Construction Collaboration Make Great Spaces Better? Find Out!

By Karin | March 22, 2021

When a client entrusts Patriquin Architects with the design of their building, it is the beginning of a relationship—one that frequently continues beyond the completion of the initial project. Organizations grow and change over time, and their spatial requirements may evolve as well. For example, there may be a need to change a space from…

Why is a Feasibility Study Important to the Due Diligence Process?

By Karin | February 25, 2021

Before investing time, effort, and capital into a building project, it is important for stakeholders to know whether the envisioned structure is feasible. Consequently, we’re frequently engaged to perform early feasibility studies. Often, we do this work before being hired for the full design phase, and in many cases, before the potential owner has fully…

Retrofitting a Historic Building to Passive House Certification

By Karin | February 20, 2021

Our building renovation is featured in the February 2021 Architype Magazine! Check out the magazine and our article here.  

Considering a Historic Renovation? Be Prepared to Pivot!

By Karin | February 18, 2021

Building renovations often reveal unexpected conditions. When the structure being updated is historic and has a long history of alterations and modifications, the findings can be particularly interesting and produce unique challenges. We recommend exploratory demolition prior to starting construction. Sometimes this is not possible, other times the ‘typical’ condition that is exposed is not…

What Is Daylighting and Why Is It Important?

By Karin | January 27, 2021

The term “daylighting” refers to architectural design that allows natural light into buildings. Daylighting provides many benefits, including increased productivity, enhanced connection to the outdoors, improved health, and energy savings. As a result, it’s highly desirable in educational settings. Numerous certifications for high-performance buildings feature daylighting as part of their rubrics. They cite daylighting as…

What’s Master Planning? Slate Upper School Is a Good Example of the Process

By Karin | December 28, 2020

Early stage master planning for the design and construction of a building or site is a highly collaborative process that puts the project on the right trajectory for success. It involves everything from early budgeting, to coordinating the work of experts like landscape architects and civil engineers, to working sessions with the client. “Laying the…