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Celebrating 10 Years and a Diverse Design Portfolio

At Patriquin Architects, we’re celebrating our tenth anniversary as a firm! While we’re constantly grateful for our wonderful clients, it feels especially appropriate at this moment to reflect on the diverse design portfolio we’ve developed over the last decade, and to appreciate the stakeholders who have entrusted us with their projects. Collaborating with a Wide…

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How CT Restaurants Can Minimize COVID-19 Risk As They Reopen

On June 17, restaurants in Connecticut were allowed to reopen for indoor dining after having been shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. In order to comply with state guidelines, restaurants should take the actions outlined below. This is in addition to recommendations for outside dining in our blog How to Adjust Your Restaurant Layout…

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How to Adjust Your Restaurant Layout for COVID-19 Restrictions

As the country adapts to life under the COVID-19 pandemic, dining remains one of the most eagerly anticipated – and challenging – economic sectors to reopen. In order to resume dining-in services, restaurants will have to adhere to local regulations and adjust their operations to provide safe and enjoyable environments for both patrons and staff. …

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Restaurant Design: Space Flow

What makes a restaurant layout efficient? And why is this important? At the most basic level, an efficient circulation flow and sight lines are the two main factors. Efficient circulation paths for the patron and for staff are essential to keep people and food moving efficiently to decrease wait times, and to allow for maximum…

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Restaurant Design: Seating

The design of seating arrangements for a restaurant should reflect the type of cuisine and service that is envisioned. Ideally, a seating layout will have different types of tables, a combination of fixed and flexible arrangements, and will accommodate both small and large parties. Here are some types:         2-TOPS and 4-TOPS The…

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Restaurant Design: Lighting

Lighting is one of the key elements in giving a restaurant its character and atmosphere. Beyond the basic level of light necessary for any space, the patron’s experience of the restaurant is heightened by the quality of light and decorative aspects of the lighting fixtures. There are 3 main types of lighting: Ambient lighting, which…

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Restaurant Design: The Details

What brings the design of a restaurant to a cohesive whole is the sum of its details: – the materials palette: architectural finishes, cabinetry, flooring, fabrics, architectural detailing – the marketing materials: branding, signage, menus, business cards – the decorative elements: artwork, accessories – the table settings: table cloths, napkins & rings, tableware. Here are…

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