Restaurant Design: Seating

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The design of seating arrangements for a restaurant should reflect the type of cuisine and service that is envisioned. Ideally, a seating layout will have different types of tables, a combination of fixed and flexible arrangements, and will accommodate both small and large parties.

Here are some types:restaurant-design-seating-2-tops-booths2-TOPS and 4-TOPS
The building blocks of restaurant seating design, two-top or four-top tables are square, rectangular or circular tables that accommodate 2 or 4 patrons. Square or rectangular tables can be ganged to create larger tables and are the most flexible type of seating

Banquettes are upholstered benches usually built against a wall. They allow a more comfortable seat for half the party, can bring color and texture to the materials palette and help with acoustical
Hollywoods are circular or U-shaped booths that create privacy for a small group of people. They can be built in various sizes to accommodate 3 to 10 people. Upholstery can be vinyl, leather or other fabrics, and create a sense of classic luxury.


High-top chairs and tables are any size circular or square/rectangular table or chair at bar height. Here we are showing high-tops along a wall and a communal table with high-top chairs.






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