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Need Excellent Thermal Performance? Try These Wall Assemblies

Thermal performance—the degree of energy transfer between a building and its surroundings—is an important consideration for every construction or renovation project. Not surprisingly, exterior wall assemblies play a major role in achieving the desired performance. At Patriquin Architects, we’re continually exploring new wall options to meet specific project conditions. Whether or not a client is…

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Patriquin Architects Sees Projects Continue During the Pandemic

While the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way construction work is coordinated and executed, we have a number of projects that are continuing to make great progress. Our team, and the builders we work with, have been able to maintain our momentum in part because adapting and being nimble are second nature to architects and…

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How to Know if You Need an Architect for Your Residential Project

Architects are highly trained and certified experts who can bring a helpful professional perspective to any project, including residential new construction or renovation. In some cases, an architect’s oversight and “stamp of approval” is required by law. For example, projects involving multifamily structures (those in which two or more families will live in separate residences)…

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Site Analysis and Feasibility Case Study – Custom Residential

GOALS OF THE STUDY Our clients bought a property on Fishers Island, NY with the intent to build a house for use first as a family vacation spot, and eventually a full-time home. They wanted to know what they could build there, as-of-right to zoning regulations. Our goals for this feasibility study were to find…

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  We are exploring using high and low technology on this architecture site model of the Fishers Island residence. We used our Makerbot to 3D print the house, and cut mat board for the site contours. We also added a colored hand-drawn landscape plan to the contours to make it “pop”.  

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Project Share: Design Options for a House Addition

Here is a sneak peek at an addition on a historic home. We presented a number of options. Exterior aesthetics, level of disruption of existing structure, quality of interior space and cost are all factors in determining the best one.

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Project Share: Outdoor Shower

Shoreline Connecticut Outdoor Shower

A sneak peak at an outdoor shower area we designed on the Connecticut Shoreline. This doubles as the wood storage space and is private without being entirely enclosed. To see more about this residential design, click here.

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