Patriquin Architects Sees Projects Continue During the Pandemic

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While the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way construction work is coordinated and executed, we have a number of projects that are continuing to make great progress. Our team, and the builders we work with, have been able to maintain our momentum in part because adapting and being nimble are second nature to architects and contractors. 

As people in our professions can attest, rarely do we participate in a project where there isn’t some unique challenge that arises. Keeping stakeholders safe and helping to minimize the spread of COVID-19 certainly requires extra effort, but we’re grateful that our firm, and the construction professionals with whom we partner, have been up to the task. 


What We’re Working on at Patriquin Architects

While we have many projects underway, the following four are under construction and will be completed in the near future:

Saint Mary Place, New London, CT

Construction on this state-funded project for affordable housing started in the spring of 2019 and has continued despite smaller crews and occasional material delays. The historic elementary school turned apartment building has required extensive structural upgrades, as well as all new MEP systems. The contractor has recently completed installation of new interior drywall over reframed walls, and completion is expected for November of this year. 

Trinity Baptist Church, New Haven, CT

Construction has continued on this new building connected to the existing Trinity Baptist Church in New Haven. Our new building connects the historic church and rectory buildings and creates 3 floors of accessible classroom and meeting spaces. The team just finished installation of the final interior window-wall, originally delayed due to a slowdown in manufacturing. All that remains are some final “punch list” items to be corrected, in order for the project to wrap up by early August.

Debate Hall, New Haven, CT

This project, which involves gutting and rehabbing a residential building for use as office/assembly space, was just getting ready to start construction in mid-March when the pandemic took hold. A permit had been issued but was unavailable for a time because City Hall itself was closed. 

Luckily, the permit was ultimately retrieved, and construction is now under way, with careful coordination of crew sequencing to avoid crowding in the building. Construction completion is expected in December 2020.

Single-family residence, Branford, CT

A demolition permit was issued for this project in May, and extensive exploratory demo helped inform a more developed design for this renovation of a historic home. Now we are just waiting on the full  construction permit, and look forward to starting construction on this exciting renovation soon!


Yes, You Can Move Forward with Your Project!

You may have been worried – understandably – that you’ll have to postpone your construction project until the COVID-19 pandemic has abated. However, with proper precautions and modified business practices, Patriquin Architects and our industry partners are forging ahead safely and confidently today. There’s no need to put your plans on hold.    

Contact us today to talk about your project and how our services can help turn your vision for your building into reality. You can also check out projects we’ve completed in our online portfolio.