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Site Analysis and Feasibility

What Is Daylighting and Why Is It Important?

The term “daylighting” refers to architectural design that allows natural light into buildings. Daylighting provides many benefits, including increased productivity, enhanced connection to the outdoors, improved health, and energy savings. As a result, it’s highly desirable in educational settings. Numerous certifications for high-performance buildings feature daylighting as part of their rubrics. They cite daylighting as…

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The Top 3 Tools We Use for Site Analysis & Feasibility Studies

The Top 3 Tools We Use for Site Analysis Feasibility Studies

Will this site work for our project? What’s the maximum allowable size of our building? How will the interior space be subdivided? These are some of the questions that come immediately to mind for stakeholders who are considering a design and construction project. Needless to say, having accurate answers is crucial to deciding if or…

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4 Powerful Benefits of a Site Analysis and Feasibility Study

site analysis and feasibility study

Property that you own, or are considering purchasing, is a valuable asset. But, unlike some assets that have a fixed value, your property’s worth is based in large part on how you develop it. Make the right choices on what you build there and how you build it, and you may see its value soar.…

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What Paperwork Do You Need for Your Commercial Property Development?

commercial property paperwork

Commercial property development projects are exciting. Watching your vision for a building come to life step by step is very gratifying. However, one step that isn’t especially enjoyable is completing the paperwork that is required before your project can truly get underway. Fortunately, you don’t have to tackle all forms and applications on your own.…

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In the February 2017 issue of The New England Real Estate Journal, we are featured in the ‘Question of the Month’. We answer the question ‘Who Needs a Site and Feasibility Study?’ in an article which features an infographic about the process of making an informed decision about a property. Digital version of the article here.

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Site Analysis and Feasibility Case Study – Historic Rehabilitation

GOALS OF THE STUDY Our client, a non-profit developer, was considering the purchase of a vacated historic school building to convert to affordable housing. The building is owned by the church located next door and is only sporadically used for church functions. The school is set back from the street and is only accessed through…

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Site Analysis and Feasibility Case Study – Medical Office

GOALS OF THE STUDY Our client was looking to expand her medical practice into an existing building in a town nearby. After locating a property for sale, we conducted a feasibility study to see if the building and site could be converted from the existing retail use to medical offices, within the due diligence period…

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Site Analysis and Feasibility Case Study – Early Childhood Center

GOALS OF THE STUDY Our client group envisioned an early childhood education center in a new building to fulfill the community’s need for quality care for children. Their current program, located in the basement of the New Haven Quaker Meeting building, was filled to capacity. The goal of the feasibility study was to study the…

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Site Analysis and Feasibility Case Study – Custom Residential

GOALS OF THE STUDY Our clients bought a property on Fishers Island, NY with the intent to build a house for use first as a family vacation spot, and eventually a full-time home. They wanted to know what they could build there, as-of-right to zoning regulations. Our goals for this feasibility study were to find…

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What You Need to Know About Site Analysis and Feasibility

A site analysis and feasibility study is the analysis of a property to determine its best use, based on your goals, local regulations and codes, and economic viability. This process can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a first time property owner. That’s why we’ve put together a site analysis and feasibility introduction series to help…

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