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What’s Master Planning? Slate Upper School Is a Good Example of the Process

By Karin | December 28, 2020

Early stage master planning for the design and construction of a building or site is a highly collaborative process that puts the project on the right trajectory for success. It involves everything from early budgeting, to coordinating the work of experts like landscape architects and civil engineers, to working sessions with the client. “Laying the…

Patriquin Architects’ Favorites: Our “Best of the Best” for 2020

By Karin | December 16, 2020

As we approach the end of a challenging 2020, we feel lucky to reflect on our productive – if unusual – year. Although people everywhere had to adapt to the new rhythms of remote work, we are grateful to have continued most of our projects, completed some, and started new ones. In August, we had…

Passive House Certification and Our Historic Building

By Karin | November 20, 2020

Passive house is a rigorous design standard for energy efficient new or retrofitted buildings. First established in Europe in the late 1980s, the Passive House standard calls for buildings that: Have a continuous insulation envelope with no thermal bridging Are very airtight, with no unintended transfer of air between inside spaces and outside Have high-performance…

Why Are Architectural Sections Important to Projects?

By Karin | November 16, 2020

Every architectural drawing has a purpose. It may explain proportions, show dimensions, or provide details about materials. In this way, an architectural drawing tells a story. And as with any story, the artistry in how it’s told is a major factor in how effective it is. That’s why we put tremendous effort into the drawings…

Trinity Baptist: 6 Steps to the Optimal Design

By Karin | October 19, 2020

We are proud of the exceptionally talented architects and designers on our staff. But it takes more than just talent to produce a design that fully meets a client’s needs. We’ve learned in our many years practicing architecture that the best way to achieve a successful outcome is to follow a thorough initial process for…

More Program Space and a Cohesive Campus for Trinity Baptist

By Karin | October 14, 2020

Trinity Baptist Church in New Haven, CT, serves a diverse urban population and has a fast-growing congregation. In fact, the church has flourished to the point that at the time they reached out to us, it had outgrown the multi-purpose program spaces that supplement the main sanctuary. To address this issue, church leaders formed a…

How Our Culture and Character Have Led to 10 Successful Years

By Karin | September 18, 2020

When looking for an architecture firm, clients always ask about the organization’s work experience and portfolio. Yet the firm’s culture and character is an oft-ignored but equally important aspect in their choice. Inquiries that aren’t explored as often but that can be just as important include: Is there good team chemistry? Do team members “pull…

Celebrating 10 Years and a Diverse Design Portfolio

By Karin | September 16, 2020

At Patriquin Architects, we’re celebrating our tenth anniversary as a firm! While we’re constantly grateful for our wonderful clients, it feels especially appropriate at this moment to reflect on the diverse design portfolio we’ve developed over the last decade, and to appreciate the stakeholders who have entrusted us with their projects. Collaborating with a Wide…

Roìa Restaurant was awarded an AIA Connecticut 2020 Elizabeth Mills Brown Award of Excellence! 

By Karin | September 1, 2020

We won the 2020 AIA CT Elizabeth Mills Brown Award of Excellence! Connecticut has a remarkable built heritage that stretches back nearly 400 years and encompasses places from the Colonial to the Modern eras and everything in between. This body of work gives the state a deep connection to its past, a distinctive identity in…

Technology and Remote Collaboration: An Interview with Paolo Campos

By Karin | August 19, 2020

Our team is now five months into working from home, and we have found ourselves able to adapt in surprising ways. We had a recent conversation with Paolo Campos, Associate Principal at Patriquin Architects, about changes to collaboration and technology use during remote work. See below for excerpts from the conversation, and video clip demonstrations…