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Patriquin Architects’ Favorites: Our “Best of the Best” for 2018

Posted on December 19, 2018 by Karin • Filed under:

As we approach the end of 2018, I’m happy to say — with deep gratitude to our incredible clients — that it has been a very busy year! From our first days in the office in January to now, our team has been consistently engaged in some really fun and challenging projects. And as someone who loves end-of-year roundups, I thought I’d reflect on the work we did this year and highlight some of our favorite collaborations.

Looking Back on a Banner Year

While this exercise is mostly for fun, looking at where you’ve been does help you get focused on where you’re going! That said, here are the “official” Patriquin Architects Favorite Projects of 2018:

Favorite Completed New Construction
Slate School

This project brought together many of our favorite things: kids, teachers, environmental responsibility, and thoughtful designs that create synergy between internal and external environments.

Slate School is an independent elementary school in North Haven, CT. The campus sits on a beautiful 25-acre parcel of land that features meadows, forest, and organic gardens. The founders wanted to create a “nature-based school” that will serve students’ educational needs, but that also demonstrates what it means to be a good steward of the environment. From highly energy-efficient structures to classrooms that have direct access to the great outdoors, and many other earth-friendly features, we feel this project was a success on many levels and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Slate School

Favorite Completed Interior Fit Out
Esana Plastic Surgery Center and MedSpa

Esana Plastic Surgery Center and MedSpa occupies a wonderfully historic and unique building in Guilford, CT. It is a historic post-and-beam wood timber house built in 1797. It was renovated and extended in 1997, and a large, two-story wood barn was attached to the original structure as well. Our client wanted to preserve the beauty and authenticity of the existing interior while also making the modifications necessary to provide the kind of acoustic and visual privacy required in a medical office. We believe we achieved those goals and we are honored to have been entrusted with the care of this magnificent old structure.

Esana MedSpa

Favorite 3D Model
Quinnipiac River Oyster Farm

How many architecture firms can say they’ve designed an oyster farm? I suspect very few, and we’re proud to be one of them! Quinnipiac River Oyster Farm is a project where we were engaged to develop a master plan for the new aquaculture farm that just happens to be across the river from our office. Using the latest modeling and laser printing technology, we produced a 3D representation of the lot and the structures. It was as much fun to assemble as it was informative to the client and neighboring property owners.

Quinnipiac River Oyster Farm 3D model

Favorite Construction Photo
Greenwich Academy

Greenwich Academy is an independent college preparatory day school for girls in Greenwich, CT. Founded in 1827, it has multiple facilities on its 39-acre campus. When the school’s leadership needed to have a new and somewhat unique multi-use facility built, they came to us for assistance. The building will have a large flexspace and two Pre-K classrooms on the main floor, and a three-bedroom faculty apartment on the second floor. Ultimately the project became a case study in interactive design, and this construction photo earned a coveted “favorite” nod from us.

Why? Because this image shows the sloping exposed glulam beams in one of the pre-Kindergarten classrooms. Above them you can see the roof framing. It is the first time during construction that you can get the sense of the size and shape of this classroom.

Greenwich Academy construction

Favorite Rendering
Trinity Baptist Church

In Connecticut, we’re very fortunate to have an abundance of historic buildings to admire. As architects, we get to take that admiration a step further in some instances. Such was the case with our Trinity Baptist Church project, in which we were asked to design a modern addition to this beautiful church built in 1869. As a standard part of the design process, we created several renderings of the addition. And while this type of drawing is more a means to an end for an architecture firm, in this case, the rendering really stood out as a work of art in and of itself. Kudos to our Senior Associate Jennifer Shea for her remarkable work.

Trinity Baptist Church

Favorite Site Elevation/Section
Heights on the River

When architecture can play a role in revitalizing an area that has seen better times, we at Patriquin Architects are all in! When that area is not far from our office, you can double down on that enthusiasm. Heights on the River is a project where we are playing a role in helping a neighborhood that in the late 1800s was a bustling mix of shops, apartments, and warehouses start to regain its former glory.

The site elevation we created is one of my favorites because you get a sense of scale between the existing buildings, the bridge over the Quinnipiac River and the new buildings we are proposing. Thanks, Tom Beech!

Heights on the River site elevation

Best Trip of the Year

Ah, Paris! Not only did I get to enjoy living there with my parents when they were on sabbatical many years ago, I’ve had the good fortune to return a number of times since. A five-day trip to the City of Lights this year filled my heart with joy and recharged my creative batteries in a way that really no other experience can.

Paris collage

Best Team
Patriquin Architects

Alright, this selection may be a little biased! But, when you love what you do as much as our team does, and when you have the chance to work on amazing projects for outstanding clients, you come away from those experiences feeling on top of the world. In recent years we’ve added a few more members to our team, and I couldn’t be happier to work with such talented people, or prouder of the work we’ve accomplished together.

Patriquin Architects Team

What’s in Store for the Year Ahead?

If you have building or renovation projects in mind for the year ahead and will be looking to collaborate with an experienced architecture firm, we’re happy to tell you about our services. Please contact us at your convenience. Happy New Year!