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Greenwich Academy: A Case Study in Interactive Design

By Karin | June 27, 2018

One of the best things about being an architecture firm that has had success in a wide range of institutional, commercial, and residential settings is the variety of projects that we get to tackle. Having done their research, clients feel comfortable trusting our firm with the design of structures that don’t fit neatly into any…

Greenwich Academy front

How to Work with Architectural Review Boards

By Karin | June 27, 2018

Founded in 1827, Greenwich Academy provides college preparatory education for girls at a day school on a 39-acre campus in Greenwich, CT. When the school decided to build a new multi-use facility with classrooms on the ground floor and a faculty apartment on the second floor, the school’s leadership chose Patriquin Architects to create the…

site analysis and feasibility study

4 Powerful Benefits of a Site Analysis and Feasibility Study

By Karin | May 30, 2018

Property that you own, or are considering purchasing, is a valuable asset. But, unlike some assets that have a fixed value, your property’s worth is based in large part on how you develop it. Make the right choices on what you build there and how you build it, and you may see its value soar.…

commercial property paperwork

What Paperwork Do You Need for Your Commercial Property Development?

By Karin | May 30, 2018

Commercial property development projects are exciting. Watching your vision for a building come to life step by step is very gratifying. However, one step that isn’t especially enjoyable is completing the paperwork that is required before your project can truly get underway. Fortunately, you don’t have to tackle all forms and applications on your own.…

Patriquin Architects,New Haven, CT | An example of passive house architecture

Why Passive House Design is So Powerful

By Karin | April 25, 2018

The idea of “sustainability” covers a wide range of disciplines and practices. One area that I feel can have a tremendous impact on the environment is making our homes, office buildings, and other structures highly energy efficient. The passive house concept involves designing buildings that incorporate super-efficient envelopes and mechanical systems that can pass a…

Patriquin Architects, New Haven, CT Healthy working environment

How to Promote a Healthy Working Environment

By Karin | April 25, 2018

We are a firm that places a high value on designing buildings and spaces that promote and support healthy living. To put more of a framework around what has always been one of our guiding principles, Karin became an ambassador of The Fitwel System last year. The Fitwel System is described by the organization behind…

Max Ballardo, Design Associate, Patriquin Architects

Welcome to the team, Max Ballardo!

By Karin | April 23, 2018

Max recently joined our team as our new Design Associate. As an avid multilingual traveler he has visited many countries to explore the world of architecture and to satisfy his cultural curiosity. He is passionate about historic rehabilitation as a type of ‘recycled architecture’. He worked as a licensed contractor for over two years before…

Designing New in a Historic District

By Karin | March 28, 2018

We’re excited to be working on the design of a multi-use building in Fair Haven Heights (right across the river from our office!), to include apartments, retail, and restaurant space. The project, Heights on the River, is located on what used to be a bustling block on the east side of the bridge that spans…

Creating a Streetscape for a Vibrant Neighborhood

By Karin | March 7, 2018

What was once a vibrant gateway to Fair Haven Heights in New Haven is now a largely empty lot with only the brick ‘Grand Vin’ building as testimony to its storied past. For Heights on the River, one of our current projects, we are creating a new streetscape, with retail and restaurant activity at street level…

Heights on the River - Patriquin Architects

Heights on the River – New Haven Independent

By Karin | February 10, 2018

A city developer plans to create a mini-neighborhood of middle-income apartments and local stores done in the architectural style of the historical oystering village along the East Grand Avenue side of the Quinnipiac River — an idea a previous builder tried and failed to carry out. The builders, Juan Salas-Romer and Noel Petra of NHR…