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From our Portfolio: Historical Restoration

By Karin | June 10, 2010

The rectory at Christ Episcopal Church in Guilford stands on the East side of the Green, just South of the church. The house’s construction had been previously dated as 1805. When Karin Patriquin Architect (KPA) was approached to join the Restoration Committee for the rectory, to help determine the best way to restore the exterior…


By Karin | June 3, 2010

  The design of signage in a building should reflect the design features of the building and the philosophies of the building’s users. The combination of good design and clear way-finding graphics are what create effective and elegant signage. At Christ Episcopal Church in Guilford, we were creating as-built drawings of the church, the parish…

The Traveling Architect: The Algarve, Portugal

By Karin | May 27, 2010

THE TRAVELLING ARCHITECT: THE ALGARVE, PORTUGAL This April, my family visited the Algarve in Portugal. Travelling in the off-season proved a very rewarding journey, as we were able to visit museums, restaurants and beaches without the crowds. We stayed in a small house in the hills north of the coastline and woke up to the…


By Karin | May 12, 2010

THE TRAVELLING ARCHITECT: PARIS IN SPRING As an architect I sometimes have the chance to travel. In travelling I see a wide range of architectural feats, some old and some new. During my recent family trip to Paris, we made it our goal to simply walk around the city and experience what we could on…

A Chair Affair

By Karin | April 20, 2010

To a valet, no man is a hero…Goethe This valet chair IS the hero. Salvaged from a good friend who didn’t know what to do with it, this 1920s chair was given some tender loving care to bring its practical design into this century. In its time, our valet’s owner would have removed the change…

From our Portfolio: Kitchen Zinc – Greening a Restaurant

By Karin | March 4, 2010

CASE STUDY: GREENING A RESTAURANT When the owners of Zinc Restaurant in New Haven, CT, wanted to renovate and re-brand their sister restaurant on Temple Street Plaza, they decided on a menu of artisan pizza, made of local farm ingredients. In order to reflect this new concept, and to further the sustainable-farming philosophies of the…

A Website Paints a Thousand Words…

By Karin | November 19, 2009

Welcome to my website/blog debut! Architecture is constantly affecting us. We live and work in it, we travel the globe to see it, it stirs our emotions and can fulfill the soul. My newsletter is a way into this world, a place where I can engage peers and newcomers alike in an evolving conversation about…

COURTSIDE COMFORT: New Haven architect redesigns 4 Pilot Pen hospitality suites

By Karin | August 31, 2009

New Haven Register, Saturday, August 29, 2009 – Business E1 Download the article below:

Kitchen Zinc: In a Pizza Mecca, a Nontraditional Take

New York Times: In a Pizza Mecca, a Nontraditional Take

By Karin | January 4, 2009

From the New York Times: CONNECTICUT DINING | New Haven Sunday, January 3rd, 2009 – Metropolitan CT 9 View this article online. View this article as a downloadable file below.

Cooking Up a Kitchen Tour to Benefit the Shoreline Foundation

By Karin | June 3, 2005

Posted in the Guilford Courier, Thursday, June 2nd, 2005 – Living C1