Welcome to the Team, Leen Hariri!

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Please join us in giving an enthusiastic welcome to the newest member of our team, Leen Hariri! Leen joins Patriquin following several years working  at BRIBURN in Maine, a firm that designs and advocates for Passive houses. She received a Bachelor in Architecture from the Lebanese University and a Master of Architecture (M.Arch) at Virginia Tech, where she participated on the Solar Decathlon team to design a Net Zero office building. Because of the introduction into the world of high-performance buildings her knowledge in building sciences hiked and she subsequently completed CPHC training and became a Passive House Consultant. Below, Leen shares what drew her to architecture and continues to keep her engaged.


What originally drew you to architecture?

The design world has always intrigued me and architecture is a profession that requires one to be subjective and personal at times and technical and detail-oriented at others. This variety was what initially drew me to it and I continue to find an exciting reason that makes me more passionate about architecture with each different stage of my career.

What excites you about architecture?

The involvement of the architect in the whole building process and working with all the consultants, the owner and sometimes the community to help realize the design is what makes architecture so interesting to me. I think we as architects are what transform the building from being just a structure to an interactive living space that touches its users consciously and subconsciously. What motivates me most is designing and building with sustainability in mind. It gives me a much deeper purpose as an architect. I feel that the effect of our work on the built environment and climate change is so immense, that we cannot just be passive.

What hats do you see wearing at Patriquin?

I love working in a small to medium size firm because I get to wear many different hats and participate in different phases of the project. As a young architect that gives me the chance to learn a lot about our job and about myself and where I want to be. I am hoping that I will be the person who pushes for energy modeling and mainstreaming it in our design process to help make more educated decisions for better performing buildings.

What are your hobbies?

I like painting, kayaking, cooking, handmade crafts.

Fun facts?

My childhood neighbor and I started a youtube channel called “LebaMom”. We share our passion for arts and crafts and Lebanese food.