Welcome to the Team, Alberto Benitez!

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Please join us in giving an enthusiastic welcome to our summer student, Alberto Benitez! Alberto received his B.S. in Architectural Design + Technology from the University of Hartford and joins Patriquin for the summer while he awaits the Fall of 2022 when he will attend the University of Nottingham’s Architecture Design and Build Master of Architecture (MArch) program.  Below, Alberto shares what drew him to architecture and continues to keep him engaged.

Why architecture?

In high school I made props and things out of cardboard which lead me to my interest in architectural model making. So, I picked architecture on a whim. Studying architecture in college created a challenging and competitive environment where I really thrived. And now that I am working, I am still finding new reasons to love architecture.

Who’s your favorite architect? Favorite structure?

I have a hard time when people ask me about my favorite architect. It’s such a leading question and I feel like half the time they think there is a right or wrong answer. I don’t have a favorite architect or a favorite structure, I just appreciate good design.

What makes for great design?

Great design is keeping things simple and solving problems that don’t exist yet. But most importantly great design requires passion.

What do you use for inspiration when working on a new design?

I think the most important inspiration to look at is precedent. It is vital to understand the successes and failures of what came before so that we can design better for what is to come.

What’s your favorite aspect about the job of an architect?

There is something really satisfying about getting to see all the different phases of a project. As a kid I wondered what kind of planning goes into making a building and now I get to be a part of the process.