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From our Portfolio: Historical Restoration

Posted on June 10, 2010 by Karin • Filed under: ,

The rectory at Christ Episcopal Church in Guilford stands on the East side of the Green, just South of the church. The house’s construction had been previously dated as 1805. When Karin Patriquin Architect (KPA) was approached to join the Restoration Committee for the rectory, to help determine the best way to restore the exterior of the building, we undertook a historical search, through title records, historical books on early Guilford and finally through newly available historical assessment records. The findings were very interesting…


When surveys of a town’s historical buildings are undertaken, assumptions are often made based on the available data. In this case, the man who bought the property on the corner of Park and Boston Streets in Guilford in 1805, didn’t actually build a house right away. He had bought a property large enough that it was divided among his children. It was in fact his son-in-law who finally built this house for himself and his new wife 15 years later.


In looking at the foundations, the basement and the odd configuration of the second floor, and with the help of town historian Joel Helander, we were able to make assumptions as to the order of construction of the various parts that make up the current house. One design quirk is that the front facade is not symmetrical. Knowing that the owner was a prominent attorney in the town, we guessed that the main parlor to the left of the entrance as you walk in was used as his offices and that consequently, the left side of the house needed to be larger than the right.


Renovations were respectful of the original building, while keeping to a strict budget. Original windows were simply repaired and covered with modern storm windows, the original entry door was repaired and repainted. The clapboards which needed to be removed were carefully documented in drawing form so that new clapboards were placed similarly, over a newly insulated structure. Details which would have been added later than the original construction (cornices on the windows, for example) were not replaced.