Historic Buildings

Historic buildings present unique challenges and opportunities. At the start of every historic building project, we evaluate the condition of the building, its original and intended uses and our clients’ goals. We then formulate a design plan based on one of four approaches: Preservation, Rehabilitation, Restoration or Reconstruction.

With Preservation, our goal is to stabilize the building, repairing and rebuilding only to the extent necessary to keep architectural elements in good condition, prevent decay and maintain safety.

The aim of Rehabilitation is to create a new use for a historic building, while preserving as many historical elements, details and artifacts as possible.

A Restoration project returns original spaces, elements and details to a specific era, while removing elements that were altered later on.

Reconstruction rebuilds a non-existent portion of a building or the whole building based on historical evidence, such as the remaining architecture, drawings or photographs.

Patriquin Architects has experience working within Historic Districts, on registered buildings and on other buildings that are historic, but not registered. We have also worked successfully with state and national agencies to register historic buildings, allowing owners to qualify for Historic Tax Credits.