Welcome to the Team, Kara Bacik Gruss!

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Please join us in giving an enthusiastic welcome to the newest member of our team, Kara Bacik Gruss! Kara joins Patriquin with more than 15 years of working within the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. She has mastered the art of applying her Marketing and Communications education from both Boston University and Arizona State to this highly niched industry. Kara will be leading Patriquin’s Strategy, Branding, Marketing and Business Development efforts as the firm continues to strengthen and grow as well as expand its market and sector reach throughout Connecticut. Below, Kara shares what drew her to the industry and continues to keep her engaged.


What drew you to architecture?

Architecture picked me. I was brought into the industry for my creativity in marketing and fell in love with its complex yet elegant nature. I’ve enjoyed my time working with Architects for their process, their logic and their creative minds. They have a natural ability to solve fundamental challenges that impact and influence behavior by creating connection and relationship to entire communities and, I get to tell those incredible stories.

What was your previous experience prior to Patriquin?

I have had the privilege to work primarily with Architects throughout my career in the AEC, also enjoying several years on the construction side and a small stint with an engineering firm. These experiences developed my understanding of the built environment holistically and has shaped my effectiveness in communication amongst the different disciplines.

What “hats” do you see yourself wearing at Patriquin?

I hope to extend the amazing presence Karin has already established for the firm while integrating a longer-term strategic approach to our evolution. We encourage personal and professional development so I am also looking forward to helping staff further their non-technical and soft skills.

What are your favorite restaurants?

I am thrilled to be back in New Haven, especially for the food. I enjoy making the New Haven pizza rounds – Pepe’s and their clams casino, Modern and their cheese, Bar and their potato, to name a few; Shell & Bones and their clam chowder; Archie Moore’s and their wings, Mamoon’s and their falafels, Geronimo’s and their guacamole and tacos; and so many other “oldies but goodies” as well as new ones (and “coming soon”) I cannot wait to try including: Zinc and Kitchen Zinc, both completed by Patriquin Architects.

Zinc – refreshed to encapsulate its urban ambiance while projecting a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere
Kitchen Zinc – an historic space, originally a fur vault, built of brick and concrete featuring unique twists on artisanal pizza using local ingredients and boasting a large carefully selected array of locally brewed beers

Fun facts?

I competed springboard diving in high school & into college and was a flight attendant for a year.