Welcome to the Team, David Symonds!

Posted on December 14, 2022 by Karin • Filed under:

Please join us in giving an enthusiastic welcome to the newest member of our team, David Symonds! David joins Patriquin with more than 20 years of architectural experience in educational, athletic, community and corporate/industrial sector projects. We are thrilled to have the former Moser Pilon Nelson and QA+M Principal bring his experience as a leader and designer, sharing his diverse portfolio and collective experience. David received his Bachelor of Architecture from Roger Williams University and is a long-standing AIA member. Below, he shares his favorite aspects about the job of an architect and finding inspiration.

What sort of thinking resonates with you as an architect?

I really enjoy working with people that are open-minded and willing to collaborate. Projects are more successful (and enjoyable) when people approach challenges with a sense of humor and are willing to listen, discuss options and make decisions with the bigger picture in mind.

What does great design require?

Building (or space) design has to function and address the needs of the users, first and foremost… to be great though, a design should inspire and tell a story. 

What’s your favorite aspect about the job of an architect?

Every day is different, and every job is different. I enjoy the problem-solving aspects, as well as being able to influence and improve the built environment.

What do you use for inspiration when working on a new design?

Inspiration for a design can come from many different sources during the process. You cannot come into a project with preconceived notions of what a building will be or look like. It’s about understanding your clients’ communities, cultures, aesthetics, wants and needs.  From there, how a design takes shape is an organic process that comes with continual discussion and feedback from everyone involved.

What advice would you give to aspiring architects?

Learn to listen and communicate, understanding that not everyone processes or interprets things the same way. Establish communication systems and set clear expectation for everything you do and with everyone you interact with.