Welcome to the Team, Aurora Perreault!

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Please join us in giving a warm welcome to our new summer intern, Aurora Perreault! Aurora is an architecture student at University of Hartford, is President of the NOMAS chapter there, and is a proud member of the LGBTQ+  community. Read our Q&A below to get to know Aurora and discover her insights on architecture, design, and more.

Why architecture?

Though I might not have always known it, I was always on a path towards architecture and the construction industry. I was always surrounded by construction with the constant renovations my parents performed on my house, to the drawings my dad would share from his work as an electrician. Then within high school I was really interested in art and geometry which lead me to the ACE Mentor program and hooked me on architecture. The more I learn about the diverse pathways within architecture, such as the reinvigoration of past developments within vernacular architecture and the social implications of designs, the more interested I have become in the field.

Who’s your favorite architect? Favorite structure?

There are countless amazing architects to choose from who possess different skills and styles. One architect who helped draw me into architecture was Antoni Gaudi and the free-flowing nature of his work such as Sagrada Familia. I also am a fan of the work of critical regionalists such as Rick Joy whose designs give the building a sense of connection to the landscape which they reside in as seen in his Amangiri Resort and Spa. There are countless amazing structures, and as such it is hard to pick a favorite. To name a few, there is the Greek Theater of Marcellus, the Singapore Gardens by the Bay, and the Sydney Opera House.

Name 3 things a great design requires.
  • A user and client centered approach to design. Focusing on the needs and desires of the parties involved within the project so we may better put form to those ideas in the best way possible.
  • A deep understanding and connection to the site which the building resides. Like the Greeks, our designs should be reverent of the different locations which we build at, and be adjusted to be specifically unique for those locations
  • Strong communication and collaboration amongst all the parties involved. Architecture requires collaboration between countless fields and clients with varying knowledge of the industry. For this reason, we must be able to communicate ideas in multiple different ways and be able to listen to the ideas of others.
What’s your favorite thing about the job? 

My favorite thing about the job of an architect is its ability to help people. Within the modern world, most things rely on architecture in some way of another. It means that using our understanding of the built environment and the way people interact with it, we can shape people’s lives. We can also use that understanding to advocate for public amenities or services which will provide residents of an area with better or more services.