How Your Architecture Firm Can Help with Community Engagement

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In many cases, it takes more than an excellent design and quality construction for a new-build or renovation project to succeed. Sometimes success hinges on the owner’s ability to obtain funds or secure support from people who will benefit from or be affected by the project. In those instances, a project may require a community engagement event or fundraising campaign.

If you find yourself in this situation, you should keep in mind that you don’t have to take on that challenge alone. Your architecture firm can help.


The Many Ways to Bring Attention to your Architectural Project

At Patriquin Architects, our portfolio includes projects that cover the spectrum, from schools to restaurants to housing. We even have an interesting and successful engagement with an oyster farm. Whatever a collaboration entails, we’re happy to help the client tell their story through presentations, events, and campaigns.

Examples of the kind of assistance we’ve provided to owners include:


Friends Center for Children

In this engagement, we provided support for a groundbreaking event, supplying large renderings and models to help people truly understand the goals of the project. The high-profile event was attended by the governor and the school’s director and included participation from children who would ultimately be the beneficiaries of the new building. What’s more, we continued to assist the owner after the facility was operational, coordinating professional photography of the completed structure, including images of children in the new space.


Quinnipiac Oyster Farm

How do you engage neighbors and other stakeholders to contribute to and support your plans for an oyster farm? You erect a tent and invite them over for an oyster-shucking demonstration, barbeque, and wine! And if you’re the farm’s architecture firm, you bring renderings, diagrams, and a model of the site for people to view. We also gave a presentation on the main components and proposed buildings in the design we developed for the owners. Just as importantly, we encouraged audience participation in an extended Q&A session to ensure that any comments or concerns people had were heard and discussed.


Slate School

On this project, we helped the client with a social media campaign designed to generate interest in and support for the school. Our contribution included providing renderings at various stages of the design, a video walk-through of the site and various buildings, photos of the evolving construction site, and a video of the progress being made on the project. This immersive, multimedia approach to sharing information proved to be very engaging to people who wanted to know more about the school.

Slate School Community Engagement


Partnering to Promote Your Architectural Project

Early in every engagement, we talk with clients not only about their design needs but also how we can help them promote their project. In some cases, our assistance isn’t needed. But more often than not, the resources we can provide—from written descriptions of materials and processes to 3D models of proposed structures—are vital to securing the support that owners are seeking. 

It’s a uniquely satisfying feeling to work with clients as they prepare to open a new or renovated facility that fully meets their needs and is embraced by well-informed neighbors and stakeholders. We’re proud to play a role in those kinds of positive outcomes, and years later we continue to smile each time we pass by a project site and reflect on the structure’s successful launch.   

Looking for an architectural design partner for your renovation or new construction project? We can help. If you have questions about our comprehensive services or how we can assist with fundraising or generating support for your initiative, please contact us at your convenience.