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From Our Portfolio: Fuzion Medical Aesthetic Boutique

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Photo credits: Olson Photography (above and 2nd through 5th below), Karin Patriquin (1st below)



When the owners of a new medical aesthetics group were looking for space to open their practice, they found that the building at 2 Chestnut Street, in the heart of Branford, would meet their needs and asked us to design their spaces.


We worked early on with the program for the offices – the list of spaces and amenities needed for clients and staff. Because this was a new building, there were multiple layout possiblities. During the schematic phase, we discussed many options, zoned in on one, then refined it so that there was a seemless flow to the areas visited by clients, and those reserved for staff. We then considered all the refinements necessary to make this a space which has a coherent design scheme, that is efficient in its use of space, and that is easy to navigate. With the help of Sandy Goodkind, we chose fixtures and finishes that give the space a refined and modern feel.

Then we worked closely with the contractor group, to refine the details through to the end of construction.


The building is windowed on all 4 sides, creating the opportunity for well-lit spaces. Certain treatment rooms enjoy natural light, others require black-out space. We designed a layout that allowed patients to orient themselves easily and that makes them feel comfortable.


Along with the design of the interior architecture, the client started working with Think Creative Group to design their branding, logos and signage.  We worked in parallel while the designs were unfolding. Their choice of name – FuZion – was borne out of the concepts of blending art and science. We concentrated our efforts on creating a very efficient and clean-lined space, with softened edges with the help of furniture and finishes.


The clients were dedicated to a successful project and were very much a part of the design process. Consequently, as a team, we created a space where they are very comfortable, their staff enjoys working, and their clients and patients are eager to visit.

You can visit Fuzion online here, or in person at:

Fuzion Medical Aesthetic Boutique
2 Chestnut Street
(Corner of Ivy and Main St)
Branford, CT




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