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Elements of Design

How Top Trends are Affecting Architecture Today

It’s surprising when I stop and think about the fact that I began working as an architect more than 20 years ago. I’ve seen many changes in my two decades in this profession, including new areas of emphasis like sustainability, and new tools such as 3D printers. Yet it seems that the evolution of architecture…

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Travel and Inspiration: Insights from 7 Architectural Minds

Architecture is an interesting craft in that it relies heavily on both analytical and artistic skill. The former is honed by each project we undertake, and by meticulously checking and rechecking our work. When it comes to the creative side of what we do, nothing is more informative and enlightening than traveling to other parts…

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How Student Feedback Confirmed a School Building Design

If you want to know if a building’s design meets all the important criteria, ask the experts. In the case of a pre-kindergarten building, the experts are the children who play and learn in the space. So, that’s who we consulted on a school building project in southern Connecticut.     Greenwich Academy is an…

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Double Duty: How We Blended Education and Accommodations

One of the great thrills in architecture is when we’re able to create a design that leverages one structure for multiple purposes. We had that opportunity when we were asked to create a unique building for a local independent school. Greenwich Academy is a college preparatory day school for girls. The campus sits on nearly…

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Best of 2011

At the close of the year 2011, we want to thank you, our readers, for reading, for commenting, and hopefully, enjoying! We have compiled our top blogs of the year, based on interest from our newsletter readers and visitors to our site (with the help of our trusty ‘Mad Mimi’ and ‘Google Analytics’). TRAVELING ARCHITECT…

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Elements of Design: Healthcare Facilities

Photos: Architectural Record Healing spaces come in many varieties. We are highlighting 3 recently published examples of healthcare facilities from Warm Springs, Georgia to Portland, Oregon. SMALL (ISH) Designed by architects Stanley, Beaman & Sears, the exterior of The Blanchard Hall Outpatient Center reflects both technological advancements in rehabilitative medicine while remaining true to existing aspects…

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Healing Spaces

FuZion Medical Aesthetic Boutique | Patriquin Architects, New Haven Architectural Services

Here are three medical spaces we have designed, each with its specific setting, its specific needs, its specific solutions. TRITOWN FAMILY PRACTICE Located in a medical condo complex, this space was converted from a radiology group – including large equipment, changing rooms and limited waiting area – to a family practice, with traditional exam rooms…

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Elements of Design: Multi-Family Housing

Photos from Architectural Record Multi-family housing is a classification of housing where multiple separate housing units for residential inhabitants are contained within one building. The term is also used where multiple units (detached, semi-detached or attached) are located on one property. Shown here are recently published multi-family apartment buildings in urban and suburban settings: ‘235…

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Industrial Architecture

Buildings housing industrial processes have historically been designed either efficiently for the process, or aesthetically to create a pleasing facade in a neighborhood. Recent architectural projects show that both are possible – an efficient building meant to invite the public in. Three main aspects of these designs are the entry, the office space, and the…

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Photos: Angelo Accomando The Auberge Saint-Antoine in Quebec City, QC, has a history as varied as that of the city in which it is situated. The oldest section was originally a house built in 1725 by a French fur trader. In 1822, following the Seven Year War, a stone warehouse, now the hotel’s restaurant, was…

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