Sustainable design for a new elementary school

Sustainable classroom

One of our current projects, which we couldn’t be more excited about, is designing a nature-based independent school, called Slate School, on former farmlands in North Haven, Connecticut. The school’s educational philosophy is centered around discovery, curiosity, and nature. We’re no strangers to design for early childhood education with nature as a core principle, with…

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Designing a nature-based school

Nature-based school

Recently, we have been asking ourselves how to design to support the educational philosophy of curiosity and nature-based learning for a new independent elementary school called Slate School. When designing for a school, in particular, it’s essential to strongly adhere to its core principles in order to create the best environment for learning. To this end,…

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Case Study: Early Childhood Conversion

OVERVIEW Located in an existing building attached to a Lutheran Church, this early childhood head start facility will serve the community for the growing need of childcare for infants through preschool age children. Within the program there are 4 classrooms, a staff room, a new shared kitchenette, an open central activity area and a new playground.   CLASSROOM…

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Checklist for Early Childhood Conversion Projects

Converting any existing building to a different use can be challenging, but especially so for an early childcare program. There are many physical building features, as well as operational aspects to consider. You will have to account for all the applicable Building Codes as well as the Statutes and Regulations from the State Office of…

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Site Analysis and Feasibility Case Study – Early Childhood Center

GOALS OF THE STUDY Our client group envisioned an early childhood education center in a new building to fulfill the community’s need for quality care for children. Their current program, located in the basement of the New Haven Quaker Meeting building, was filled to capacity. The goal of the feasibility study was to study the…

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The World of GIFs in Design

Just as GIFs have taken over social media, we have begun using GIFs in our architectural design presentations. GIFs – Graphic Interchange Format files – are actuallly a file type, but they are more commonly known for the fact that they can support animations at low resolutions. In the design world, we use them to…

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From The Architecture of Early Childhood

An article in The Architecture of Early Childhood, January 28, 2014. A new facility in New Haven embodies the principle of the environment as a teaching tool The new Friends Center for Children building designed by Patriquin Architects has been occupied now for four months, and the administrators, teachers, parents and children could not be more…

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